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Oct 232016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 157 Use Mindfulness To Be Self-Aware With Your People Suggests Videographer Matt Peet
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Matt Peet

Matt Peet is a videographer and he founded the company Re-Peet Productions, playing off his last name. Mindfulness is front and center in Matt, life and his focus on being grounded and centered is one reason he is so successful in his business. An impressive service Matt offers Continue reading »

Oct 192016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 156 Use Mindfulness As A Consciousness Says Market-Like-A-Nerd Guru, Amanda Goldman-Petri
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Amanda Goldman-Petri

Amanda Goldman-Petri is an Online Marketing Coach and Speaker, She teaches her clients to work smarter, not harder. She’s a bit off the wall, a bit out of the box, and a whole lot nerdy. At least that’s what she calls her business, Market Like A Nerd. Amanda is passionate about Continue reading »

Oct 162016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 155 How Visualization Fuels Homemade Stories Host Shannon Cason
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Shannon Cason, Homemade Stories

Shannon Cason is a writer and storyteller. He’s told stories on stages across the U.S. and has been featured on such top storytelling shows as The Moth and Snap Judgment. He’s also host and executive producer of WBEZ’s Homemade Stories – a collection of fiction and non-fiction stories with unique commentary. When you Continue reading »

Oct 142016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 154 Mindfulness Helped Me Deal With Anxiety Says 19 Year Old Author Jake Heilbrunn
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Jake Heilbrunn is an author and inspiration to youth everywhere. He has written for Psychology Today, Thought Catalog and Pick the Brain and has also written his own book called, Off the Beaten Trail. Jake writes a blog post every Wednesday for his blog, Eyes Fully Open and he’s also a passionate speaker. At the age of 19, Jake has already achieved successes only Continue reading »

Oct 122016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 153 Mindfully Choose To Spend Your Time On Your High Priorities Advises STEM Coach Jean Caton
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Diane Daniels is a professional speaker and host of two podcasts, Weight Loss Nation & Medicare Nation. She has spoken on many radio programs including The Senior Voice Radio show (Tampa), The Bev Smith Radio Show (Washington D.C.) and The Financial Survival Network with Kerry Lutz. In the area of health care, Diane collaborates with Continue reading »

Oct 092016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 152 Mindfully Choose To Spend Your Time On Your High Priorities Advises STEM Coach Jean Caton
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Jean Caton, Stem Coach

Jean Caton is a business coach specializing in helping women who are emerging leaders in STEM related careers. STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Jean blazed the trail as a women in Corporate America, specifically New York City in the 1980’s. She finds that women moving into this STEM space can find the transition to be Continue reading »

Oct 052016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 151 Social Anxiety Can Be Conquered; Hear The Winning Story Of Michael Glover
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Michael Glover works in the field of Holistic Health. He brings everything together into one whole package, including nutrition, sleep, stress management and the mental side that holds so many of us back. Michael is adamant that it takes way more than just a diet to make you a healthy person. Michael has been an introverted kind of guy most of his life, but he has a Continue reading »

Oct 022016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 150 Mindfully Chasing Dreams With Aimee J
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Aimee J. is a software developer, podcaster, speaker, and Chief Dream Chaser on the Chasing Dreams podcast.  Aimee began podcasting in 2013 and has launched multiple podcasts including Revisiting Haven, which discusses the TV show, Haven. This project took Aimee to Continue reading »

Sep 282016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 149 Make a Connection Between Becoming Aware And Breathing Suggests Andrea Klunder
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Andrea Klunder is a Meditation Facilitator for startup companies & creative individuals. She is the founder of Peace & Play Yoga for kiddos & grownups. Andrea integrates her background in music, theater and creativity to engage her students in a playful experience of peaceful practices, to help them become more mindful in their Continue reading »

Sep 252016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 148 Look At The Greatness Of Your True Nature Urges Michelle Dutro
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Michelle Dutro is a Biofeedback Specialist and and is certified as a Life Coach in Strategic Intervention. She is also a Wellness Consultant, Hypnotherapist and Yoga Instructor. Michelle Dutro has figured out her life’s purpose, which is ‘to inspire you to believe that your Continue reading »