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Dec 042016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 169 Gay Pride, Mindfulness and Bullying Talk With Dear Mattie Host, Matt Marr
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Matt Marr Headshot

Matt Marr has a unique way of helping people with their problems and he uses his love of talking and his degree in Clinical Psychology to make a huge impact through his popular podcast, The Dear Mattie Show. Referred to by some, as the Gay White Oprah, Matt loves to empower his listeners and clients in ways they never dreamed of. As a Narrative therapist, Matt believes that Continue reading »

Nov 302016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 168 Twirly Girl Fashions Cares About Being Yourself Explains Cynthia Jamin
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cynthia jamin headshot

Cynthia Jamin is a creative entrepreneur responsible for a million dollar brand called Twirly Girl. She saw a need in the marketplace and she let her creative and business inclination thrive as she grew her business and her brand. She calls her business a healing and Continue reading »

Nov 272016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 167 Joggling Toward Inner Focus With World Champion Joggler, Gabrielle Foran
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Gabrielle Foran

Gabrielle Foran is a world champion joggler. Joggling is a sport which combines jogging with juggling. Gabrielle has been a runner for nine years and has been joggling for about three years. The International Joggling Association, IGA, is where Gabrielle got her first world record. It was in the Continue reading »

Nov 232016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 166 Create a Nurturing, Mindful Space With Million Dollar Decorating Host James Swan
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James Swan is a inspiring designer who built his career crafting classically influenced interiors. He began his career designing for a San Francisco architecture firm; later transferred to a position with a prestigious L.A. firm and subsequently started his own firm in Beverly Hills. As an exquisite designer, James is truly mindful, and can now be heard Continue reading »

Nov 202016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 165 Be Real, Raw, Honest and Mindful Recommends DrEd Osburn
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DrEd Osburn

Dr. Ed Osburn is a top-level Chiropractor who thinks outside the box. When I say that, I mean he has singlehandedly helped hundreds of other Doctors expand from practicing strictly in their own 4 walls of a brick and mortar office and into the expansive on-line world. Many listeners will recognize Continue reading »

Nov 162016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 164 Drive Using Mindfulness; Learn How With Solan McClean
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Solan McClean helps people become better, safer drivers using mindfulness. He also helps you deal with the anxiety of everyday life and especially negative experiences that some of us encounter on the road. By thinking of your vehicle as Continue reading »

Nov 132016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 163 Seeking Mindfulness Through Inner Picture Stories With Jellis Vaes
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Jellis Vaes

Jellis Vaes is a photographer, world traveler and founder of Inner Picture Stories. Not so long ago, he began a 2-month journey to South Africa and it transformed into a 3-year journey around the world. This was a self-healing discovery and awareness experience for Jellis. He now shares his Continue reading »

Nov 092016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 162 Running To Focus On The Inside With Diz Runs Host Denny Krahe
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Denny Krahe is passionate about running. He’s a certified athletic trainer and also a strength and conditioning specialist. Denny has a goal to complete 50 marathons in 50 different states and he uses running to stay focused and grounded. He also has a Continue reading »

Nov 062016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 161 Mindful Eating For Health And Peace With Abby Hutcheson
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Abby Hutcheson

Abby Hutcheson is a certified health coach who spent years struggling with chaotic eating habits. Like so many others, she experienced the yo-yo diet cycle of eating too little and then overeating. Once she found a balanced system that worked for her, she knew she had to help others do the same. She now helps Continue reading »

Nov 022016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 160 Voiceover Artist Uses His Comic Book Hobby To Keep Life Fun; A Chat With Tim Paige
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Tim Paige has a great hobby. He’s a comic book enthusiast and he loves to help people move into the world of comic books who are unsure where to start. Maybe you’ve seen a movie or a show relating to a comic book Continue reading »