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Sep 212016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 147 Build Healthy Relationships By Using Mindfulness To Connect With Yourself First; Khaled Ghorab
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Khaled Ghorab is passionate about relationships. He knows that healthy relationships make for happier people and in the workplace they boost productivity and ultimately the bottom line. Khaled calls himself a systems thinker and has worked as a consultant and coach as well as a leader of workshops. After Continue reading »

Sep 182016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 146 Separate Emotions From Decision Making Suggests Jeremy Ryan Slate
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Jeremy Ryan Slate is an online Entrepreneur and Fitness Enthusiast. Jeremy pays regular visits to the gym where he has created the kind of sculpted body many men dream of. He is focused and centered on the kind of Continue reading »

Sep 142016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford Focus On Your Faith Say Fitness Experts Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle
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Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle are passionate about health, fitness and personal development and they both love helping people reach higher levels of fitness. They are also highly sought after speakers, specializing in boosting productivity, wellness, and showing businesses the positive return on investment of a Continue reading »

Sep 112016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford Write of Your Life Using Mindfulness With Stacy Brookman
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Stacy Brookman is a wordsmith. She’s loved words all her life and excels at crafting words into clever phrases and fascinating stories.  Not only is Stacy amazing at her ability to create compelling stories, but she is terrific at teaching this skill to others. Stacy’s language abilities are enhanced by the fact that she understands the concept of Continue reading »

Sep 072016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford Passion and Mindfulness Goes Deep With Ultimate Frisbee Champion, Aaron Watson
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Aaron Watson is a national champion of Ultimate Frisbee with the University of Pittsburgh. He captained the team to championships in 2012 and 2013. He is also a coach of Ultimate Frisbee, coaching kids the game and its values. At only 24 years old, Aaron is creator and host of the popular podcast, Going Deep with Aaron Watson, where he Continue reading »

Sep 042016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford Accept Responsibility For Your Choices To Make Life Easier; Money Coach Deborah Williamsool And Mindfulness Weekends With Bruce Langford
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Deborah Williams is a money coach, accountant and podcaster committed to helping others where money meets mindset. She has a way of leading her clients to a place of both prosperity and joy. Deborah grew up in a home with Continue reading »

Sep 022016

Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford Back To School And Mindfulness Weekends With Bruce Langford
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Back_To_School_ImageReturning to school after summer vacation can bring back mindful memories from other years. Depending on where you are, some schools are already back in class; in our area the big day is right after labour day, this year September 6th.

I remember getting new clothes for school, and not wanting to wear them. That seems strange to say, now that I’m Continue reading »

Aug 312016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 140 You Can't Start Improving Until You Start Doing Advises Podcasting Pioneer, Gary Leland
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Gary Leland

Gary Leland is an online legend. He started his first online store in 1996 and started podcasting in 2004. He is passionate about fastpitch softball, and sports in general. He sells softball related merchandise online and has a podcast called The Gary Leland Show where he interviews interesting guests about business and marketing. Gary has his feet planted firmly on the ground and after Continue reading »

Aug 282016
Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 139 Miracle On The Hudson, The Story of Focus Told By Last Passenger Out, Dave Sanderson
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Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson was the last passenger to leave the plane which landed on the Hudson River in January 2009, the story being featured in the upcoming film, Sully, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks. Since that incident, Dave has built a career as a motivational speaker, mentor and author. In his presentations, he shares Continue reading »

Aug 262016

Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford 138 Coloring and Mindfulness Weekends With Bruce Langford and Zephan Blaxberg
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Coloring to relieve stress and get focused. That’s our topic today and I’m happy to have Zephan Blaxberg back on the show. Zeph was a guest on episode 4 when he talked about his life journey and a trauma that changed the course of his life. He has a terrific podcast called The Year of Purpose and he’s just recently published a coloring book called GreatFull: Mandala Coloring Book and Continue reading »